We the organizers of the national event: United for Water: Religions Speak on the Human Right to Water are here to file a formal complaint with the Malaysian Human Rights Commission on the conduct of the Special Branch based in Dang Wangi Police Station located in Jalan Stadium.

In our view, the Special Branch and/or outside parties manufactured information to create a situation of fear, uneasiness and uncertainty leading to the National Mosque officials deciding not to host the meeting at the National Mosque in spite of having earlier agreed to the event being held there.

We find such actions bordering on total disrespect and an attempt to thwart civil society efforts to deliberate and discuss issues confronting society. In fact the SB held the Masjid Negara at ransom with their disinformation.

Furthermore the conduct and actions of the SB demonstrated that they or the parties that gave them the instructions were unhappy that people of all faiths, and races are coming together to deliberate and discuss societal issues and future of the country.

In fact, the conduct of the police has promoted their desired outcome: more suspicion among Malaysians. Is this what the government’s desires?

Is it possible that that the police are acting on the behalf of business interests in the water sector?

It is a sad, that after 50 years of independence that the police force is dictating public policy. And civil society is at their mercy.

We are leading organizations in the country, representing the various faiths and communities. We are leaders of our communities. We manage temples, churches and gurdwara’s. The police have opportunistically linked us with demonstrations and protest. This we find unacceptable. Thus we demand an apology in order to clear our organizations good name.

We propose that SUHAKAM organize an urgent meeting between the Police, Masjid Negara Officials and us in order to unearth the truth and clear our names.